Open-Enrollment Executive MBA Courses

The Washington Campus offers unique, intensive, open-enrollment Executive MBA courses to graduate students from any accredited institution in the U.S. Participants arrange for awarding of specific academic credits as is appropriate with the policies of their home institutions. These residency courses take place in Washington D.C. and are most often three days in length.

The courses offer students a unique opportunity to engage with top expert practitioner faculty: those shaping the future of business, public affairs, and public policy. Students will enjoy an enriching experience learning from policymakers and influencers such as current and former Members of Congress, the Executive Branch, regulatory authorities, and business leaders. Participants will learn how public affairs and policy can be effectively and ethically managed to create profitable and sustainable “win-win” solutions for business, government, and society. Some core topics include managing corporate public affairs, business-government relations, lobbying and advocacy, regulation, media, and more.

The complete course includes: pre-readings, course sessions and activities, and an individual take-home exam in the form of a strategic memo or 1,500 word essay due two weeks after the course is completed. In order to meet academic credit contact hour requirements, in-person courses typically run Monday-Wednesday from approximately 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., with a 4:00 p.m. close on Wednesday. The Washington Campus forwards grades to participants’ universities, which award the final course grades and up to three academic credits.


  • Amy Whited
    UNC Chapel Hill

    As a government relations professional I came in knowing a lot. I left knowing even more. Why should a non-lobbyist care about this program? If you are a corporate executive and have been tasked with building a public affairs function, investing your time and dollars at the Washington Campus is a no-brainer. You’ll expand your network with some of Washington’s leading experts and you’ll learn best-in-class public affairs structure which will save your business time and money. The Washington Campus residency is the roadmap to getting your public and government affairs team strategy right – the first time.

  • Kashif Mohammed
    University of Texas at Austin

    For the past week, the convergence of business strategy and the public policy process at The Washington Campus was packed with speakers to gain insights from 360 degrees in advocacy views, managing corporate affairs to cybersecurity. Visiting the Capitol Hill Club, the National Press Club, and finally meeting with Senator Raphael Warnock and his staff at Capitol Hill was an unforgettable experience. It has been a great journey learning firsthand about public policies and affairs to navigate efficiently and effectively for the implementation of business strategies.

  • Rachel Barroso
    Arizona State University

    We just wrapped up a transformative week in Washington DC where The Washington Campus challenged current and future global business leaders to think strategically, effectively, and ethically when managing public affairs and policy. The curriculum was outstanding, and I greatly appreciated the opportunity to discuss issues facing the southwest region of the US with Senator Mark Kelly.

  • Ken Malik
    Rice University

    Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to learn how to manage corporate and public policy issues from some amazing speakers. I’m beyond thankful for what I’ve learned and happy to have shared this experience with some amazing leaders from other institutions.

  • Ana Sarmiento
    University of California, Los Angeles

    I had the opportunity to attend The Washington Campus course on Strategically Managing Business, Public Policy, and Public Affairs. This class provided a comprehensive view of the intricate dance between the government, advocacy groups, and businesses. I delved deep into the mechanisms by which these entities interact, influencing pivotal legislation that safeguards consumers and fosters healthy competition. This knowledge has broadened my understanding of the strategic interface between business and policy-making, illuminating the importance of active engagement in public affairs.

Sample Executive MBA Agenda

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
  • Strategically Managing Business, Public Affairs, and Public Policy
  • 360° Advocacy: The Evolution of the Business of Lobbying
  • Public Affairs and Public Policy: Key Challenges for Business
  • Corporate Strategy and Business‐Government Relations
  • The Strategic Importance of Regulatory Engagement and Advocacy
  • Networking Reception
  • Evening Monument Tour


  • The Role of Independent Regulatory Agencies: The Federal Trade Commission
  • FinTech: Emerging Issues, Policy, and Advocacy
  • Uncharted Territory: Fiscal and Monetary Policy, The Economy and Capital Markets
  • Cybersecurity Policy: Challenges for Business and Government
  • Evening Reception at The National Press Club
  • The Role of Media in Politics and Policy
  • The Roles and Challenges of Industry Associations and Coalitions
  • U.S.‐China Relations, Trade and Investment Policy, and Global Supply Chains
  • Corporate Public Affairs, Government Relations, and ESG: New Challenges for Business
  • Meeting with Current or Former Members of Congress, Staff, Committee Staff
  • Integration and Conclusion, Presentation of Certificates

EMBA Course Registration Fees and Tuition

You may register now on our homepage for our EMBA programs. Our current EMBA course tuition is as follows:

  • $2750 for participants from consortium member schools
  • $2850 for participants from non-consortium schools
  • This includes a $150 non-refundable application fee and deposit.

Payment is due upon registration in order to have a space reserved. During the online registration process, students will be prompted to select from a list of consortium member schools and programs (full-time, part-time, etc.) or a non-consortium school (listed as “Other”).  


Should you have any questions during the registration process regarding payment, including any special conditions that may vary according to your school’s specific arrangements, please consult with your home campus MBA staff representative or contact The Washington Campus staff at (202) 234-4446 or info@washcampus.edu.   


In order to gain access to certain government buildings, proper government-issued identification is required. 

As soon the registration process is completed, you will be sent a username and password to enter the course’s secure website where details of the course (including pre-readings) will be posted. Group project assignments will be sent to each student on the first day of the course.

Transportation to and lodging in D.C. are the responsibility of course participants. 

The Washington Campus facility is convenient to the Farragut North (Red Line) and Farragut West (Blue/Orange/Silver Lines) Metro stations.

Courses that are held in-person will be at or near The Washington Campus facilities, located at:

1150 18th Street NW, Suite 400

Washington DC 20036

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